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 Then the Xiaoyao Taoist looked around the whole space and said strangely, "Strange, strange.". There's nothing wrong with the whole Ashram. Why do I always feel a little uncomfortable? What do you think, brother? "Brother, there are only two brothers in the whole Ashram, you and me. It's a little too quiet, and there's no trace of life. Of course, you will feel uncomfortable." "What my brother said is true, I said.". In this way, let our two brothers enlighten some Taoist boys and maidservants to receive visits from Taoist friends in the future. "Great Good." Pangu clasped his hands in praise. Then Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu began to enlighten these Taoist boys and maids. Xiaoyao Taoist enlightened two pieces of chaotic stone Taoist boys, which were called agate and black jade respectively, and two plants of plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, which were called plum, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum, plum sword, orchid sword, bamboo sword and chrysanthemum sword respectively. Pangu also enlightened two chaotic stones called earth wind, water and fire, plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum, respectively called black plum, black orchid,Ceramic Band Heater, black bamboo, black chrysanthemum, jade plum, magnolia, Polygonatum and jade chrysanthemum. It sounds like it took a long time to enlighten the Taoist boy, but in fact, it was only a moment, and he had already been enlightened. I saw a small row of virgin boys and girls standing in front of Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu almost instantaneously, kneeling down at the same time to salute Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu. "Moyu (Agate, Shi Mei,Kamado bbq grill, Shi Lan, Shi Zhu, Shi Ju, Mei Jian, Lan Jian, Zhu Jian, Ju Jian, Di Feng, Shui Huo, Mo Mei, Mo Lan, Mo Zhu, Mo Ju, Yu Mei, Yu Lan, Yu Zhu, Yu Ju) paid their respects to Master Xiaoyao and Master Pangu." "Get up." Xiaoyao Taoist said in a graceful voice. Then Xiaoyao Taoist took out a piece of jade pupil Jane, pinched a handprint, and pointed to the jade pupil Jane. Then he gave the Jade Pupil Slips to Mo Yu and said, Ceramic Bobbin ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, "The Jade Pupil Slips are the skills you practice. Then you and I will retreat and realize the great way. You should keep your place and don't forget to practice.". I'll check your cultivation after I leave the pass with your second master. "Good brother, let's retreat." Then Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu entered the quiet room one after the other. There was nothing in the quiet room except a big word "Dao" written on the wall in the middle. Under the word "Dao" was a purple and green double lotus with a pedicle. The lotus was thirty-six grades, filled with a mysterious atmosphere. Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu sat face to face on two futons made of chaotic jade, letting go of their respective primordial spirits. They crossed each other's primordial spirits and kept getting each other's perception of the road from each other as a reference. Gradually, they lost themselves in the boundless road. Slowly, a vision appeared in the quiet room. In the place where Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu sat, their figures gradually disappeared and turned into two 36-grade lotus flowers, one Xuanzi and one Xuanqing. The lotus keeps drawing the chaotic aura from the chaos through the big array of the Ashram space, revealing the mysterious atmosphere. In the days when Pangu and Xiaoyao Taoist were in seclusion, the whole chaotic world gradually boiled and flourished. With the birth of chaotic gods and demons one by one, the chaotic world was no longer as quiet and peaceful as before. Will the chaotic storm sweep across the whole chaotic world? This is because those chaotic gods and demons are venting their ferocity in their bones. As the saying goes, where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and there will be disputes when human nature is peaceful, not to mention the chaotic gods and demons who are ferocious and irascible by nature. A word of disagreement is everywhere, not to mention fighting for those Linggen Lingbao. In the chaotic world at this time, because of Xiaoyao Taoist, those chaotic spiritual roots and chaotic spiritual treasures are extremely scarce, which aggravates the degree of fighting between these chaotic gods and demons. Since the birth of these chaotic gods and demons, there is no moment of tranquility in the whole chaotic world. Every moment, there are chaotic gods and demons fighting for the root of chaos or the treasure of chaos. In these chaotic fights, the whole chaotic world is gradually divided into several forces, or several chaotic gods and demons embrace each other, or dozens of chaotic gods and demons gather together, so as to better compete for the increasingly scarce cultivation resources in these chaos. Although we are all born of chaos gods and demons, we are all born to control the existence of the law, but because of the strength of the law, the ability of these chaos gods and demons is also subject to extremely serious constraints. As soon as the chaos gods and demons who are born to control the law of power are born, their fighting ability will be much higher than that of the rest of the chaos gods and demons, just like the chaos demons who control the law of space, they are invincible in the world of chaos. There are also chaotic gods and demons born together who are born to control the law of twins. When two chaotic gods and demons fight together, they complement each other and multiply their fighting capacity, just like the two twin chaotic gods, the Tianxuan Taoist who controls the law of Xuanqi and the Tianhuang Taoist who controls the law of Huangqi, who also exist in the chaotic world. Chapter 5 Calm, Fen Shen Chapter 5 Calm, Fen Shen With the formation of the major forces, the chaotic world gradually calmed down, although there were still one or two fights from time to time, but the chaotic scene of fighting everywhere as before was gone forever. The major forces have divided the whole chaotic world, of course, there are also lone walkers. They insisted on penance, believing that magic weapons such as Lingbao could only be auxiliary, and should not be pursued vigorously. Among the chaotic gods and demons, the more famous one was the Taoist Priest Yang Mei. After the division of forces, those with high cultivation in chaos fell into seclusion and penance, leaving only those with low cultivation wandering in the boundless chaos, hoping to find some spiritual roots or treasures that can instantly boost their strength. Chaos is boundless, and the division of forces composed of several chaotic gods and demons is only a small area in the center of chaos, less than one thousandth of the whole chaotic world. The chaotic storm in the chaos has gradually subsided, and the chaotic world has returned to its former tranquility. But in the quiet room of Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu, it is another scene. The speed of the rotation of the thirty-six purple and green lotus is getting faster and faster, and the mysterious breath is getting more and more convergent. Suddenly, the thirty-six grades of purple and green lotus, which were rotating at high speed, stopped and returned to the shape of Xiaoyao Taoist and Pangu. How difficult the road is, brother, we have finally reached the peak of chaos, and the road can be broken through as soon as the opportunity comes. "Yes,cordierite c520, the way to seek the truth is so difficult, so difficult.". If you are not careful, you may lose your soul and all your previous efforts will be wasted. 。
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